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LOVOO Review: Fast Dates or Fakes and a Waste of Money? - 02/2021

Lovoo 2021

You want to meet singles in your area?

Keep reading to find out whether LOVOO can help you get a date fast, how the app works and how much the online dating fun costs.

The best part…

In our exclusive and detailed report, we tell you how to use the LOVOO app successfully and give you tips for the perfectIcebreaker.

Let’s jump right in!


1. Meet Singles Near You with LOVOO? Here’s How Fast You Can Get a Date

You’re wondering if you can get (fast) dates on LOVOO?

A quick search reveals: The internationally known dating app has been on the market since 2011 and is firmly anchored in the online dating jungle: More than 70 million users are registered with LOVOO worldwide, including a considerable number of active members in India.

Here’s what LOVOO is all about at a glance:

Whether for a night, a few months or even for eternity: On LOVOO, you can meet new people (in your area). The first few minutes of using the app already show: LOVOO’s members are surprisingly active.

On average, 1.5 million members flirt here every week. But who are these people, and are they all up for a date?

Let’s take a closer look…

Who’s Using the LOVOO App?

LOVOO describes itself as a social network with a strong focus on online dating that brings together people with similar interests, unique experiences and special wishes.

But not every member on LOVOO is looking for a committed relationship. The flirt factor is high, but there are also users who just want to meet new people or chat with others with no strings attached.

In the LOVOO app, you’ll mainly find young members between 18 and 35 years. The average age is estimated to be as young as 23. And there’s a high proportion of men: About 65% of users are male, only about one third of the users are female. A slight disadvantage for the gentlemen among us…

We’ve summarized the pros and cons of our experience with LOVOO:

LOVOO App: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Free features
  • Many active members
  • Chance of spontaneous dates
  • High flirt factor


  • Fake profile scandals in the past
  • Users tend to be younger
  • High proportion of men
  • Many members without serious intentions

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2. Is Lovoo Really Free? What You Can Do on Lovoo Without Paying

You think online dating is expensive? That all depends!

Many features on LOVOO are free, but you do have to pay for certain premium features. Here’s a short overview:

Free on LOVOO

Costs Money on LOVOO

  • Reading, writing & answering messages
  • Looking at pictures
  • Sending 1 Icebreaker per day
  • All search functions
  • Creating a complete profile
  • Saving favorites
  • Playing “Match” as much as you want
  • Seeing who’s marked you as a favorite and clicked on your profile 
  • Sending 3 Icebreakers per day
  • Highlighting messages
  • Ad-free usage
  • Read receipts
  • Ghost mode

To take advantage of the paid features, you’ll have to buy a premium membership. LOVOO’s prices vary for the app and desktop version: 

Premium Membership (App):

  • LOVOO Premium for 1 month: 29 CAD
  • LOVOO Premium for 3 months: 58 CAD
  • LOVOO Premium for 12 months: 175 CAD

PremiumMembership (Desktop):

  • LOVOO Premium for 1 month: 12 CAD
  • LOVOO Premium for 3 months: 29 CAD
  • LOVOO Premium for 6 months: 45 CAD
  • LOVOO Premium for 12 months: 65 CAD

A premium membership is too big of a commitment for you? It’s also possible to buy LOVOO credits for certain (one-time) actions: 

  • 500 LOVOO credits: 8 CAD
  • 1,000 LOVOO credits: 14 CAD
  • 3,000 LOVOO credits: 29 CAD
  • 8,000 LOVOO credits: 73 CAD
  • 17,000 LOVOO credits: 145 CAD

Why Do You Need LOVOO Credits?

With the additional credits, you can quickly find out who’s currently interested in you, and/or if someone has viewed your profile, for example. You can also use LOVOO credits to send gifts and stand out from the crowd of LOVOO users. 

Another Option: Earn Free Credits!

You can also earn credits on LOVOO:

For example, by downloading apps associated with LOVOO (advertising partners). You can also earn free credits through various activities within the dating app, such as verifying your profile, linking your account to other profiles (e.g. Facebook) or opening surprises of the day (promotional videos, etc.).

Bottom Line: LOVOO’s Costs

The basic version of LOVOO is free. However, a premium membership significantly increases your chances of a date and really getting to know someone.

Especially for male users, the paid features, or at least a supply of credits, is highly recommended because men are clearly in the majority on LOVOO (current proportion of men: >60%). The app also has many active members, and it’s not always easy to keep track in the free version.

LOVOO’s prices are relatively affordable compared to other online dating apps. Still, here’s a small tip: After you register, compare the costs of the desktop version with those of the LOVOO app. The prices often vary (see above), so you should consider which device you want to use the premium membership on.

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3. The Inside Scoop: Our Exclusive LOVOO Report!

You’re still not sure if LOVOO is the right dating app for you?

How reliable is the LOVOO radar, for example, and how realistic is flirting via the LOVOO livestream?

Before you try it for yourself:

We tested all the most important features – both in the app and the desktop version. This was our personal experience with LOVOO:

a) Here’s How the LOVOO Radar Works

You’d like to meet people from your area? Welcome to the LOVOO live radar! This feature shows you contacts who are currently nearby.

The tool also uses a GPS signal to determine how far away other members are from you. Maybe you’re out on the town right now and feel like having coffee for two?

Our takeaway:

The LOVOO live radar offers a good chance of getting a fast, spontaneous date. In bigger cities, this feature can be ingenious – we found many members from the surrounding area on display. In rural areas, there’s either less selection or you have to put up with a bit more distance.

b) It’s a Match: How the Flirt Game Works

You may be familiar with similar features from Tinder or Badoo: The Match game displays pictures of users matching your preset search features (such as preferred age range and gender).

Clicking on the heart means you’re interested in the person, while clicking on the X means you’d rather pass. If it comes to a “match” (that is, the other person is interested in you as well), you can chat with each other directly.

So how do you get a date fast?

You like someone in particular? Try the LOVOO Icebreaker feature (= symbol with the envelope in the middle)! This lets you send the contact a direct message withouthaving to wait for the person to rate you with a heart. By the way: Below, we share how you can use an Icebreaker to actually break the ice.

But direct contact is even faster…

Try it – you have nothing to lose!

c) Reality Check: Here’s How LOVOO Live Works

You think online dating can be too slow, too anonymous and too unrealistic? Be brave and go live!

With the LOVOO Live feature, you can introduce yourself to other members in real time. Simply activate the camera and the microphone function on your smartphone as well as in the LOVOO app to get started.

You’re scared?

Try watching the live videos of other users first. This will give you an idea of how members present themselves and what details they share.

With LOVOO Live, you’ll definitely get a more genuine and authentic look into “The Lives of Others” – this means you can be fairly certain you’re not dealing with a fake!

So what exactly should you do when you go live?

Why not turn on LOVOO Live next time you’re at a concert and impress other users with your taste in music? There’s a good chance you’ll hear from someone who also likes your favorite artist.

Another example:

You’re sitting in the college library studying for an important test and have a question about the subject matter? This is also a great opportunity to go live on LOVOO! Maybe someone who’s majoring in the same thing as you will see your video and help you out? There are many possibilities…

Realistic Online Dating via Live Video!

You don’t feel like messaging back and forth forever? You can also use LOVOO Live to directly get in contact with other people via video chat.

When you livestream, you’re also able to receive virtual gifts from other users in the form of diamonds, which you can then convert into credits. This is a great way to use LOVOO for free.


d) Direct Comparison: LOVOO Website vs. LOVOO App

You’re wondering if you should use the social network for flirting on your desktop or on your smartphone?

Our LOVOO experience showed:

The LOVOO app is beautifully designed and one of the most user-friendly dating apps we’ve tested so far. Only the ads (e.g. for various gifts) can be a bit bothersome, but these only pop up in the free version. For certain features, such as the LOVOO radar, we recommend using the app for more flexibility.

The LOVOO website is also easy to use – it has a clean look, and the colors are fresh and inviting. As you may have already read above under “LOVOO’s Costs,” the desktop version is usually slightly cheaper than using the app. If you plan on using LOVOO on your laptop at home, the website is quite sufficient and also more comfortable.

Summing up our user experience:

In the LOVOO app you, you’ll find mostly younger members, and men are clearly in the majority. Whether that sounds inviting to you or not, we found most users to be surprisingly active and up for (almost) anything.

Based on our recent experience with LOVOO, the chances of flirting are very high, and you can quickly get in touch with a variety of chat partners. Plus, you can always find other members nearby, which keeps things interesting.

What sometimes gets lost in all the fun: serious intentions. We often got the feeling that the motivation to really get to know someone isn’t very high here.

What exactly does that mean for you?

Finding a partner for life on LOVOO isn’t out of the question, but it’s probably going to be a lengthy process.

If you’re happy to meet people with no strings attached, have a good time, chat or talk directly and have an occasional one-night stand, then LOVOO is definitely worth giving a try.

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4. Does Lovoo Still Trick Users with Fake Profiles?

Let’s face it: The fact that scammers and fakes often take advantage of online dating sites is nothing new.

By the way: The ads surrounding dating services are often dishonest themselves, which is hardly a surprise. Especially when it comes to promising companionship, advertisers will try every trick in the book. Always proceed with caution!

Fake profiles on LOVOO have received a lot of criticism in recent years – perhaps you’ve heard about some of these incidents yourself?

Let’s take a look at the two most recent LOVOO scandals:

LOVOO Scam: Fake Profile Scandal (2016)

Following a lawsuit, the portal was accused of using fake profiles on LOVOO to trick members into paid memberships.

Other providers have been accused of similar schemes in the past. However, in this instance, a massive security gap that involved passing on the unencrypted personal data of users to third parties was uncovered.

Doesn’t sound very trustworthy, right?

The mistake has long since been corrected, and LOVOO promises its members completely “carefree flirting” in this regard.

LOVOO Scam: Data Protection Scandal (2019)

In the summer of 2019, LOVOO once again made headlines on the currently much-discussed subject of data security:

The online community was accused of not adequately protecting its users with regard to the LOVOO radar feature because their locations could be calculated accurately (sometimes up to 50 meters) using the tool.

You think other providers do the same?

Yes and no. For comparison: As a precaution, Tinder “only” displays distances from other members in mileage increments. The more accurate location generated by the LOVOO app has given rise to the criticism that its members are controlled and monitored.

The company kept a low profile at first, merely stating that all location data was adequately protected. A few weeks later, however, LOVOO announced in another statement that from now on locations could no longer be calculated to less than 1,000 meters.

LOVOO Fakes: The Bottom Line

By all appearances, the online dating service has addressed and recovered from these scandals. Still, a bad taste remains. Perhaps LOVOO’s just had bad luck? At the very least, these past allegations mean the company will be extremely cautious in the future.

The fact is: In our LOVOO test, we came across no apparent fake profiles. In addition, nobody pressured us to conclude a premium membership or to buy credits.

As for the LOVOO radar:

Each member has the option to deny location access in the settings. Those who don’t risk continuing to be located. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm the supposed 1,000-meter limit in our LOVOO test. The location of some users continued to be shown to us in 100-meter increments.

But enough of the allegations – we’ll now give you a few concrete tips for more success on LOVOO.

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5. How to Be Successful on LOVOO – the Best Icebreakers!

Remember the LOVOO Icebreaker feature we mentioned earlier in this article?

Say a particular user has caught your eye and you’d like to learn more about him or her. With the Icebreaker, you can show a LOVOO member you’re interested. It sends the signal: “Wow, I think you’re great and would love to get to know you straight away.”

Pretty cool, right?

In the free version, you can only use this tool once a day, while a premium membership comes with 3 LOVOO Icebreakers per day. If you’d like to use more, you can also buy some with credits.

Clicking on the envelope symbol to send an Icebreaker message is quick and easy. But how can you manage to leave a lasting impression and actually break the ice?

Here are our ultimate LOVOO Icebreaker tips:

The Biggest LOVOO Icebreaker Mistakes

Avoid standard questions like “How was your day?” or “How are you?” These are boring, impersonal and have never led to success. Women in particular sometimes receive 100 such messages a day. Why should they answer you?

But there’s worse…

Even more annoying are LOVOO Icebreakers whose answer you can clearly read in the profile of the user. Never ask a member who’s shared where they live: “Where are you from?” That’s just stupid. Not only does it come off as unimaginative, it also signals that you’re not actually interested.

The Best LOVOO Icebreakers

You’re wondering how to phrase the right message on LOVOO instead?

It’s simple: Get creative and take your time. Start by looking at the profile of the user in more detail:

Are there any hints that can help you with your Icebreaker? This could be a common hobby or a picture of an event you’ve been to. Bring up the subject! The more interest you show, the higher your chances are – promised!

In plain English: If your counterpart notices that you’ve made an effort with your Icebreaker and put some thought or researched into it, the ice is often already broken. It’s not that hard. :)

You can’t think of anything?

We did the thinking for you and tested the following approaches:

5.1 LOVOO Icebreakers That Get Results

You’re not feeling creative?

We’re here to help! For a little inspiration, we’ve come up with 5 customizable Icebreakers that are sure to get a response:

5.1.1 Curiosity Trigger

Not exactly fair, but effective:

“*NAME*, I don’t believe it! Do you remember me?”

Your counterpart will immediately think: “Who is that, do I know him/her?” and probably respond out of sheer curiosity. However, we recommend clarifying the matter as soon as possible by saying something like: “I just had to make sure you’d answer because you seem really great.” Your new LOVOO contact won’t hold that against you.

5.1.2 Indirect Compliment

Turn the tables:

“I just have to ask, *NAME*: How many men (or women) on here have told you that you look like Cameron Diaz (or George Clooney)?”

The trick is to think of a compliment that you think your counterpart probably gets a lot. But instead of saying it outright like everyone else, you formulate it indirectly. This sounds less clumsy, signals more interest because you’re putting in the effort to be clever and prompts the other LOVOO user to respond.

5.1.3 The Game

A playful way:

“*NAME*, I’m going to tell you one truth and one lie about me. Can you guess which statement is real and which one is made up?”

A daring entry, but one that challenges your counterpart. Because we’d all like to guess right in such a game. Wanna bet the contact will accept and respond to the Icebreaker? If so, write something true and something fictional about you as announced. May the games begin…

5.1.4 Anti Small Talk

Skip the unnecessary blah-blah:

“Let’s not waste time on introductions: *NAME*, what’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced lately?”

Sounds a bit intrusive at first, but definitely isn’t boring. And that’s crucial. Most likely, the other person is also tired of obligatory questions and small talk and will welcome the fresh approach. This means you’re basically guaranteed an answer in the app, and things will be off to an exciting start.

5.1.5 Provocative Compliment

Daring and direct:

“Nice outfit in the picture, *NAME* – is that the dress (or suit) you’ll wear on our first date?”

Most members have heard the standard compliments all too often and are sick of them. But if you combine a compliment with a slightly provocative remark, you challenge your counterpart to take a stand. As humans we like to fire back – even when it’s in response to a dating Icebreaker.

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6. LOVOO vs. Tinder – Is LOVOO the Better Alternative?

You’ve already tried Tinder and are considering switching to the LOVOO app? The advantages of both dating services are pretty much the same at first glance:

  • Free to use
  • User-friendly
  • Many (active) members
  • High flirt factor
  • Spontaneous dates possible

But what about the disadvantages?

The paid features on Tinder are slightly more expensive than on LOVOO. Also, more Tinder members are complaining about fake profiles lately – something the LOVOO app has also struggled with in recent years.

So… which one: LOVOO or Tinder?

While Tinder is all about matching (swiping), LOVOO scores with additional creative tools, like the livestream feature and the LOVOO radar. Unfortunately, the latter was/is under criticism due more stringent data protection guidelines.

What does that mean for you?

You could also say: Tinder is always focused on one thing, while LOVOO makes flirting a little more playful. This fact is also noticeable among the different users: The target group on LOVOO is much younger and seems a little less serious about everything. Not to say that all Tinder users have serious intentions!

LOVOO vs. Tinder Put Simply

If you don’t like to play games and would rather get straight to the point, then you’re probably better off with Tinder. But if you want to try something new and experience a bit more creativity and fun flirting, LOVOO is a great alternative.

You’re not convinced by either app? These are the most important alternatives to Lovoo and Tinder in India

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